Have you ever felt like pounding your computer with your fist?

When there’s a problem, our experienced technicians will address it immediately so that you can spend your time dreaming up of more ways to grow your business, not biting your nails.

Computer repair services are vital for good business heath, so it’s important to put the care of your computer equipment and IT system into the hands of someone you trust.

With our array of cost effective solutions SCS Group can ensure your technologies are running safe and sound. Take a proactive position and let us put out fires before they start.

24/7 monitoring:
Day and night your systems will notify us whenever the newest spam, roving virus, or other event hits your network. We will monitor the health of your systems so that you can focus on the health of your business. When there’s a problem.

Mobile Device:
The world is your office these days. No longer confined to the office and the boardroom, today’s business environment is mobile.

Business data is being accessed and transferred through mobile devices at a staggering pace making mobile device support and security a critical issue for companies large and small.

If your staff needs to access information via their mobile device while in or away from the office, whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc., then you need mobile device support services from SCS Group.

We can help improve the productivity of your mobile workers while keeping your corporate security practices in place. Email, contacts and calendar syncing are just some of the operations we can perform to help improve your mobile business environment.

Our mobile device support services also extend to your network operations.

While mobile devices aren’t physically connected to your network, they do impact network resources. We can help with networking design and configuration customized for your mobile devices.

Our mobile device support services include:

Application support

Data synchronization

Mobile device activation support

Mobile device features and settings support

Software and app installation

Troubleshooting services

Like a tuned-up engine, all components of your network must work optimally and together. A well designed computer network will help minimize IT problems that can negatively impact your business productivity.
Servers, desktop workstations, cables, switches, routers, etc., we have the knowledge and expertise to build your IT network right. We make sure your systems are proficient enough to accomplish your tasks without being more than you need by designing a system that is scalable enough to grow with your business.

24/7 monitoring:
Day and night your systems will notify us whenever the newest spam, roving virus, or other event hits your network. We will monitor the health of your systems so that you can focus on the health of your business. When there’s a problem.

Custom Network Design & Installation:
Your computer network is the backbone of your operation. It needs to be reliable, secure and manageable.

Networking design and installation services from SCS Group can help you upgrade an existing network or design and install a new one.

Networking design and installation starts with understanding your short- and long-term business plans.

Once we understand how your business needs to operate, we help you choose and configure the type and number of computers, servers and devices you’ll need to accomplish your goals.

We can suggest the appropriate equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls and more. Our custom networking design and installation plan will be designed and implemented to support your business plan and budget.

Our professional networking design and installation services ensure your network processes data as fast and efficiently as possible. We also assess whether you have the right level of security in place.

Bottom-line… We design high-performance networks to help you efficiently run and grow your business.

Not sure what your networking needs are? Consider a free System Assessment from SCS Group.

File & Print Servers:
It’s important that your employees have access to the data they need when they need it. With our server installation and support services we organize file sharing and printer usage so that your business operations run smoothly.

Email Spam Management:
If your email isn’t protected from dangerous spam, viruses and spyware, the cost of damages can be extremely high; faltering productivity, lost sales opportunities, and even damage to your reputation.

SCS Group can protect you from spam whether you are connected to your network or not.

Our powerful Spam Blocker requires zero client installations and features an intuitive GUI making it easy for administrators to use.

It is important to remember that preventing spam helps extend the life of your email server because it won’t have to work so hard dealing with superfluous email.

Remote Back-up:
We can also provide your business with added protection through remote online data backup services. In the off chance that your entire on-site system crashes, with a remote backup you’ll have the option to begin a recovery process soon after the crash.

Our remote online data backup software will automatically encrypt and send your data to an offsite location ensuring it will be intact so that you can be up and running quickly.

With remote online data backup you get:

Offsite backup at a remote facility

Automatic and regular backups

Reduction of outmoded backup devices such as tape, ZIP drives, DVDs or CDs

Military-grade encryption to ensure secure pass phrase recovery

Fast and easy recovery over the Web

Protection for your Windows servers, on-site workstations and mobile computers

Security threats are a growing issue for businesses of all sizes. There’s a lot at stake – From your computers and network system to your information and your customers’ data. SCS Group stays on Def Com 5, so you never need to worry about your business being compromised. We keep up with the latest security hazards and employ a variety of technologies to keep all systems and data safe.
SCS Group security services ensure that your business is always protected. We help by selecting, implementing and managing IT security services for you.

Firewalls are your first line of protection to control what comes and goes on your network system. With the right firewall protection in place, you’ll be safe from malicious outsiders who can tap into your company and client data. Our security services strengthen this important gateway for your business.

Spam Management:
With our email security services, we protect you at all points of interaction: at your desktops, your network, and even your outside ISP, preventing unwanted spam from ever hitting your inboxes, saving your employees time and lost productivity.

Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the standard in delivering Internet connectivity in many businesses and organizations. However, as wireless service providers and innovators, the most common complaint we hear is that people are just not satisfied with the distance their wireless signals reach. At SCS Group Inc., our primary focus when providing our customers with effective and efficient Enterprise Wireless solutions is to make sure our customers always stay connected.

Residential & Commercial Properties:
Today, connecting to the Internet has become a necessity just like access to water, phone and electricity. You might say that that wireless Internet access service has become the “fourth” utility. When it comes to improving occupancy rates and adding value to your property, offering a built-in Wi-Fi alternative is the perfect solution. Over the past few years we have found that by offering Wi-Fi service in multi-family residential properties as well as commercial properties, owners have been able to decrease their vacancy and increase their monthly income.

Benefits of Choosing Enterprise Level Wi-Fi:

Because of the ability to distribute large amounts of bandwidth between Wi-Fi base stations, the challenge of limited or no signal is eliminated thus allowing your mobility within your primary networking environment at your home or office.

Recently cloud computing has made its mark as being the next phase in the Internet’s evolution. Based on user demand, cloud technology can be a resource to share data and software applications, business protection and processes, as well as employee collaboration wherever and whenever you need thus having the ability to change the way businesses use their technology.

Transitioning from your local network to cloud services is a complex process and requires a transition period. With our extensive experience in the IT business we evaluate your business with the pros and cons of the different cloud services and present you with the solution that puts your business at an advantage.

Our expert consultants will transfer your business data ensuring all the data is secured making the transition smooth for your employees.

Why choose cloud computing?

Making the shift into cloud computing has three significant benefits.

Repetitive back-up guarantees minimal disruptions to your business resulting in fluid work productivity and satisfied clients.

Ability to work anytime from anywhere thus increasing efficiency.

Consolidate data in one place and minimizing the need for multiple servers and hardware.

Whether it’s your home that concerns you the most or your business establishment, the ability to monitor your property remotely may well be one of your top priorities.

Wish you could keep an eye on your property even when you’re not there? Well, you can with SCS Group’s state of the art surveillance systems.

Vulnerability, insecurity, and sleepless nights can all become a thing of the past. Take back control and protect your home or property from threats and break-ins.

As a potential customer, naturally the first thing you would want to know is why we are the right people to deal with. There really is no better reason than the quality and professionalism of our services. We are not one of those ‘shops’ that will simply sell you a CCTV surveillance system and move on, we offer our customers a wide range of services that keep them worry free. From a free initial consultation to 24 hour support, our expert technicians will make sure all your monitoring needs are met.

At the end of the day, at SCS Group Inc our entire team guarantees you the highest level of customer service and support, meeting your surveillance needs and expectations. We have the know-how and experience to provide a solution for every kind of residential or commercial surveillance need.

Our services include:

Free on-site consultation:
Once you get an appointment, we will come over to your property and understand your surveillance needs. Based on your requirements, budget and the characteristics of your property, we will recommend the most appropriate and relevant video and camera surveillance system. All your questions will be answered and your concerns will be dealt with, and this entire consultation is free of charge!

Installation of a state-of-the-art surveillance system:
As top surveillance experts, we make it a point to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technology in this industry and only supply top quality and branded equipment. So, rest assured, the surveillance solution you will get from us will be the one that is genuinely the best, latest and most relevant one for your needs.

As one of the industry leaders in Los Angeles, over the years we have supported clients with a range of different surveillance needs, including:

Monitoring shop floors and preventing theft

Observing employee performance at a workplace, and preventing petty swindling and cash register theft

Keeping an eye on work processes at a factory or manufacturing unit to get video inputs for more productive and ergonomic work solutions

Perimeter monitoring, and protection from vandalism and break-ins

Regardless of the dimensions and nature of your establishment we can service your needs. Apart from residential properties in the Greater Los Angeles area, some additional commercial establishments we have services are:


Retail outlets

Restaurants and bars

Factories and manufacturing units


storage facilities

Constructions sites

Call us today and reclaim your peace of mind!

Who doesn’t want to grow their business revenue, acquire a wider audience and raise product and services awareness? Through a smart, well strategized and focused on line presence our Online Presence team can help you do just that!

These days people turn to the Internet first for information. From news updates, searching for products and services, connecting with others or simply just catching up with the world around them, the Internet has become the platform for people to share their knowledge, acquire information and gain credibility.

Our team of creative web designers, skilled social media managers and online marketing experts can help you take your business from where it is now to where you dream it to be, turning your vision to your reality.

Why Online Presence?
Build credibility & trust
Reach a broader audience
Share information
Raise awareness
Promote your products and services
Strengthen relationships with customers

How do we build an Online Presence?

An online presence is established through a website, blog, newsletter or social media channels through which companies create an opportunity and maintain an ongoing connection and communication with existing and new audience.

Web Design & Development

Our creative, “out of the box” designers and developers will help you define your brand and translate it to an online platform. From strategy to launch we will work with you to customize a site that will capture your audience, engage them and turn them from readers to loyal customers.

Social Media Management and Custom Design

Our social media managers will provide you with a road map to make sure your content is always consistent and valuable. Through a well thought and customized strategy we will make sure your business stays active and a participating pawn in the online game. Our social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Trip Advisor

Social Media Campaigns & Marketing

By a collaborative effort, our experienced marketing strategists will help you focus your message and identify your target audience which will enable us to create the perfect, customized social media campaigns that will deliver you the results you want.